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Port Ranges that paltalk uses

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    Hey Dudes can any one tell me the exact ports that paltalk uses to connect with my pc by this i mean the ports my pc will have open and the port more to the point it uses to streem cam feed to my screen If any one can tell me this info i’ll let you in on what i think might be a cool prog 8)


    IN UDP 2090 [voice]
    IN UDP 2091 [control stream]
    IN TCP 2090 [file transfer]
    IN TCP 2091 [video listening]
    IN TCP 2095 [file transfer- older versions]
    OUT TCP 5001 – 50015 [text messaging]
    OUT TCP 8200 – 8700 [Firewall / network mode group voice]
    OUT UDP 8200 – 8700 [Firewall / network mode group voice]
    OUT UDP 1025 – 2500 [outbound voice & control stream (user configurable)]

    The last 2 UDP outbound ports are usually set in pairs. 1024 – 1025, 1026 – 1027, etc… Most users never have to set these lower two ports. They are dynamically assigned if you leave the lower two boxes set to 0’s on the ‘paltalk port settings’ tab. Outbound ports are usually not an issue but are listed here for network users who may need to manually configure for a proxy or NAT server or other hardware device.


    thank you dude ill post you the prog if i ever get it finished thank you


    dim good information but u never mentioned the iP of paltalk server and also how to monitor these ports? Furthermore,when u can not do room search, do u think what port is not working ? or when u can not hear voice and no new text in the main room ?

    The reason that i am consirned about these . Is to track cases when palalk client is open but u do not hear voice and text chat moving or doing search and u have to close and re join . I want when that happend i get a massage u are disconected or some ting like that!! So i be happy if u help me in using your usefull info.Thanks

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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