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SpeedUpMyPc (by Paltalk) Get it Free TUT

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    Hey Guys, This is the Message I got after Installing Paltalk 10.2 Build 454.
    I was sent to this page:

    They are advertising for a “FREE” software, calles SPEEDUPMYPC, which is NOT free at all.
    They make you download and Install it and after scanning your pc you will be asked to buy it! It made me very mad and sad, because they try to make money in EVERY way.
    And I decided to do something about this, and I found out how to GET IT FOR FREE!
    And here is what you do, Guys maybe this will shut down soon, so do not come and say its
    not working, because maybe you werent fast enough 😀 GOOD LUCK!

    Trick Explained By ChiNa-Boy

    Here is the Image that I saw after Installation

    ===================== START =========================

    1: Uniblue SpeedUpMyPC 2012 Download with Activation Key
    How to get one for yourself?
    SpeedUpMyPC 2012 costs $29.95 for a single license, Denmark for 299,95 Kroners

    2: Get a free License and follow my Instructions, and here is what you do:

    Visit any of the following U.K. proxy sites:

    3:Paste the following Promo URL in your proxy page & Click to SUBMITE
    Link to paste: [url][/url]

    In the next page Click on GET YOUR FREE PRODUCT

    4: Click on NEXT and wait for next page

    5: In the next PAGE, Put a Name, Last Name and Email, CLICK NEXT AGAIN

    6: This is the 2nd Last page, Here you click on “COMPLETE REGISTRATION

    7: Now in the next page, It tells you to wait between 30 seconds to 60,
    And in many cases it will not REDIRECT YOU, so make sure click on the link
    where it says “THE CONFIRMATION PAGE“! And DONE.

    8: You will now be taken over to your REGISTRATION KEY page, Plus your ORDER NUMBER, Copy and SAVE THEM ALL FOR LATER USE..

    9: Now Make sure to follow this Tutorial to ACTIVATE your Software!

    SpeedUpMyPC by ChiNa-Boy, and you just saved 30 DOLLARS and
    Please say THANK YOU in the comment box!

    Here is Activation Tutorial:

    SpeedUpMyPC 2012 – 1-year subscription

    If you have already downloaded and run a SpeedUpMyPC scan, you DO NOT need to download it again. To start using SpeedUpMyPC, and unlock its full functionality, you simply need to register the product.Follow these steps to unlock SpeedUpMyPC:

    Step 1: Copy the serial number from the yellow box below on this page.
    Step 2: Open SpeedUpMyPC.
    Step 3: Click on “Register Now” at the bottom left corner of the program window.
    Step 4: Paste the serial number into the empty field and click “Activate Now”.

    by ChiNa-Boy & Dont forget to Thank Paltalk For This 🙄


    @china-man wrote:

    They are advertising for a “FREE” software, calles SPEEDUPMYPC, which is NOT free at all.

    Not it will speed up your PC by a single bit.
    Waste of time to even look at it.

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