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    Just wanted to say thanks to everyone on here for helping me out and helping me to understand what im trying to do, I couldnt do it without you guys/gals. I decided to try and make software to work along with paltalk….a bot that I have yet to see on paltalk that I think would be more beneficial than almost any other I have seen, and if their is anyone out here that would like to work together on this project using VB6 that would be nice…I don’t really want to give the idea away just yet, however once it is finished and released I will share the source with all. But to get to the point of it all, if their is an individual that is at least mediocre at coding in vb6 that wants to help and learn together with me on this then send me a private message and we will talk about what you have to offer to the program and I will explain in further detail what it is that I am trying to achieve, I know it can be done and would most likely be widely used in the paltalk community….so if you interested and are like me sort of starting over and just don’t know what idea to go with yet or are just bored because everything you think of has been done before then message me to get in on something unique. My only stipulation is KEEP IT PRIVATE until we release as I don’t want someone else claiming this idea as their own.

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