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Tc-5609 Information By Method on

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    hey esto lo esplico method en es comosalir de este ban, aber si lo esplico en espanol muy pronto lol

    Well i think this is nothing to worry about… This ban is nothing new its just the old Rc-r407-Rc-407 renamed.. Paltalk renamed all there error messages and bans few days ago to prove this ive posted a picture of a common error you get when you invite the same person to a room 3 times.

    Log on any old name to see for yourself it will say its banned with tc-5609 instead of what it used to be.

    Treat this ban same way you would with a 407 and u will get out of it… If your one of the people who couldnt get out of 407 100% of the time then this is why you cant get out of this one .

    Follow this information:

    Step 1

    Xp users make a new xp logon user name:
    Goto “control panel” open “User Accounts” now choose “Create a New Account” and follow the on screen information for setting it up… (Reason for this is becuase it has its own new clean registry)

    Step 2

    Logon with new account:
    Turn your pc off and logon with your new xp user name!

    Step 3

    Change your windows product id:
    Goto “Start Menu” choose “Run” And type in “regedit” then click “Ok”…
    Now you have regedit open you have to modify these strings:
    HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINESOFTWAREMicrosoftWindows NTCurrentVersion

    In each of the above locations there is a string called “Product Id” paltalk have recorded this! So what you need to do is change it to somthing different.. But make sure whatever u change it to its the same one in windows and windows nt location..

    Step 4

    Changing Your IP
    Ive noticed that some times my IP doesnt get recorded, but Paltalk can do this, so its best to change your ip if you know how… DialUp users dont worry becuase you get a new ip each time you dialup to the net…

    Cable Modem’s and static ip’s
    You can change your ip by contacting your isp and asking them too due to the fact people are hacking you (lieing obviously)… Or by changing your mac address this is for advanced users only!

    My isp has a control panel for my cable modem so i can update my mac address wit them… eg becuase u need to lock ur network cards mac address with you cable modem otherwise u wont get assigned an ip…

    If not call them…

    Most network cards these days allow you to make your own mac…. just simply change the last digit then assign it with your isp… when you connect to the net, you will have a new ip

    I do it all th etime because i keep getting banned from some chat program called paltalk…

    To change ya mac heres how…
    Step 1

    Go into the properties of your “Local Area Connection”
    Step 2

    Click the “Configure” button…
    Step 3

    Choose the “Advanced” tab…
    Step 4

    Fom the list choose “Network Address”

    If your network card is compatible with mac address changeing you will be able to enter you own value…

    Heres my mac:

    Make yours similar just change a number with a number and a letter with another letter and that should do it dont change it tooo much and dont add extra characters! mac addresses are made up of 12 numbers and letters
    eg (00407B8196g2)

    Once thats done use ur isp’s control panel to add ur new mac to the list… or phone them and say u have bought a new mac can u assign ur new mac with them… they will ask what it is…

    Remember only do this if you are an experienced user becuase u could be off the net for a while if ya dont lol! But its useful when u know how

    Step 5

    Changing your HD Serials:
    You will need to use a vol.exe file which helps u change your hd serials.. This part is kinda complicated for the basic pc user but more advanced users that are familia with the command prompt shouldnt be troubled.
    Download the hd serial changer from here:
    (Make sure you save it in your c:)
    >> << Goto “Start Menu” choose “Run” And type in “command” then click “Ok”…
    At the command prompt type:
    “c:vol.exe c: 5384-4824”

    This “5384-4824” is the HD serial i have chosen heres some other examples..

    As you can see they are always made up of 8 numbers and a – inbetween the middle! make sure this is how you make yours becuase this is vital, you wont break your HD if u do it wrong but it just wont change..

    NTFS Hd’s tend to crash when you change the serial on them so dont worry it has changed just restart and you new hd serial will be on.

    FAT32 Doesnt normally crash sometimes xp kinda struggles, sometimes it doesnt..

    I think its best to restart anyway

    Additional info which must be followed!

    1)Create a new Paltalk nick dont use the banned one!
    2)Dont sign up for a new nick with your existing Email address!
    (Its probaly been banned too which means all nicks made with that email or previously made with that email are banned too)

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