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    i dl a code from the site …very great program … i try to insert send text to paltalk but took me so long .. so if you interested i upload the code and work together :d .
    sample : time zone like….
    triviabot … you can use command !repeat .. trivia send the last question …
    Time zone .. some one live outside the country .. they or we can use the command !time …we or he or she will know the time zone … :d[attachment=0:35i05vjx]pic20090617.jpg[/attachment:35i05vjx]


    Ok this is a cool program, but what I’m looking for is a simple program where u cud type in the room. Same thing with trivia, if u type !hint, some clues will appear. !repeat, the question will repeat… But here, when u type !country, this will appear :

    !Japan time >>> Japan Time is 4pm Saturday

    same time u type:

    !Italy >>> Italy Time is 9am Saturday

    A program where u cud instantly see ur friend’s time in other country.. So there will be no tedious questions in the room.


    i understand …im busy right now …but i try to working on it … try my best .. 😉

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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