To Locohacker – Please Fix

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    To Locohacker:

    Hi bro. I cant access some of the Pages on the back end. Such as Compose Message or the Messaging Section. Including other pages on Admin

    Hope you could get that fix asap.

    (UPDATES) – Ok something is really wrong. After Submitting this TOPIC I get a blank page. So now submitting a topic in forum is obviousely also a problem.

    Good Luck, China

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    K I going to check it out, the only update it has made lately was jetpack so maybe it got mess up cause of that

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    Man the whole site is bugging out, is like not connecting to WordPress correctly, when did u notice this?

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    I noticed it the same day as I posted. I should have probably checked my messages befor lol. And btw I get a gatway error. But when I retry it works. I think we have some server issues also beside this thing. But the Messaging is fixed bro.

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