Tut Paltalk Profiler Done Diffrent (needed for version 553)

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    Okay i am going to show people how i went about making a paltalk profiler,
    I at first thought i would’nt need one of these but version 553 of paltalk does’nt let you get the information for members,

    Now the first thing im going to do with this tutorial is just copy and paste the source as i have already commented it and should be easy to read except for the coulors (green ect…)

    Then the second thing im going to do is post a web link to download the project so you can see how i have set it out and maybe you will be able to understand it better,

    The third thing that i am going to do (right now) is tell you why i made this paltalk profiler when there is laready plenty around, The reason is that the ones i seen are crap (sorry to the authors) styxx for example uses 1 line of code and is about as good as adding a web link to your favourites, and the other i seen on planet source code, has a lot of errors and also uses the inet control, no good for people using windows 98 for example, it also has the dependency of the common dialog control, no good for people who only has the standard VB runtime files installed in to the version of windows,
    Anyway enough about why i made this and onto the source code.

    P.s Please leave a comments and tell and even post your input and diffrent version of this profiler, sharing creats idea’s :O)

    Web link http://departure.starbase.se/PaltalkProfiler.rar

    ‘* A Much Easyer Paltalk Profiler using a diffrent technic *’
    ‘* With out using inet control and progress bar *’
    ‘* With Error Handeling and easy enter key search trigger, *’
    ‘* Small fast and error free (unlike other Pal Profilers) *’
    ‘* Coded By Departure AKA NME (on Paltalk) *’

    ‘Here we declare the API to get the HTML File
    Private Declare Function URLDownloadToFile Lib “urlmon” Alias “URLDownloadToFileA” (ByVal pCaller As Long, ByVal szURL As String, ByVal szFileName As String, ByVal dwReserved As Long, ByVal lpfnCB As Long) As Long

    Dim StrPal As String ‘ This holds the html page
    Dim StrPalNickname As String ‘ This String will hold Paltalk Nickname info
    Dim StrPalAge As String ‘ This String will hold Paltalk age info
    Dim StrPalLocation As String ‘ This String will hold Paltalk Location info
    Dim StrPalMember As String ‘ This String will hold Paltalk Member info
    Private Sub Form_Load()
    frm_Main.Height = 2150 ‘sets the form height
    frm_Main.Width = 2400 ‘sets form width
    End Sub
    Sub Pause(interval)
    Current = Timer
    Do While Timer – Current < Val(interval) ' we make a timer so it has time to send
    DoEvents ‘ searching… text to the status bar
    End Sub
    Private Sub Go_Click()
    Getinfo ‘ go to the getinfo function
    End Sub
    Private Sub txtNick_KeyPress(KeyAscii As Integer)
    If KeyAscii = 13 Then ‘User only has to hit the Enter key to proform search
    Getinfo ‘ go to the getinfo function
    End If
    End Sub
    Public Function Getinfo()
    ‘ Free File
    Dim ff As Long
    ‘ changes the lable in the status bar to searching
    status.Caption = ” Searching…”
    ‘ the timer to pause so it has time to change the status caption
    Pause (0.5)
    ‘Download the members html info and save it to a text document in this case PalProFile.txt
    DownloadFile (“http://service.paltalk.com/mypaltalk/piController?sreq=viewPI&nick=&#8221; & txtNick.Text), App.Path & “PalProFile.txt”

    ‘ Now we open the File with the Profile Member HTML and Phrase out the Info
    ‘ To do that we first open it and put it in the StrPal Variable
    ff = FreeFile
    Open App.Path & “PalProFile.txt” For Input As #ff ‘ First we open the txt file
    StrPal = Input$(LOF(1), 1) ‘ We put the Text in the file in the StrPal String
    Close #ff ‘ Now we close the file again

    ‘ Here we phrase out what we looking for (to find the delimiters you will have to look in the text file)
    StrPalNickname = InString(StrPal, “Nickname:   “)
    StrPalAge = InString(StrPal, “Age: “)
    StrPalLocation = InString(StrPal, ”   &nbsp”, ““)
    StrPalMember = InString(StrPal, “MemberSince:“)

    If Len(StrPalNickname) < 1 Then
    MsgBox “There is an Error, Maybe Misspelt Member Name”, vbOKOnly ‘ here we put a Message Box in case of an error, for example invalid user name
    Kill App.Path & “Paltalk.txt” ‘ delete text file
    status.Caption = ” Error!” ‘ Error message in status bar
    Exit Function ‘ As the Name States Exits the Sub
    End If ‘ Closing the If Statment

    ‘ here we cut of some me extra unwanted text
    StrPalNickname = Right(StrPalNickname, Len(StrPalNickname) – 10)
    StrPalLocation = Right(StrPalLocation, Len(StrPalLocation) + 3)
    StrPalMember = Right(StrPalMember, Len(StrPalMember) – 21)
    status.Caption = ” Found Member Since!”

    ‘ here we put a Message Box in case of an error
    If Len(StrPalNickname) = 0 Then MsgBox “There has been some sort of error”, vbOKOnly

    ‘ we put the phrased out info into the lable boxes
    Age.Caption = StrPalAge ‘ returns Age info to the lable
    Nick.Caption = StrPalNickname ‘ returns Nickname info to the lable
    Location.Caption = StrPalLocation ‘ returns Location info to the lable
    Member.Caption = StrPalMember ‘ returns Member Since info to the lable
    status.Caption = ” Done…” ‘ Done message in status bar

    Kill App.Path & “Paltalk.txt” ‘ deletes texts file
    End Function
    Public Function DownloadFile(URL As String, LocalFilename As String)
    ‘ In this Function we download the HTML file using the URLDownloadToFile API
    URLDownloadToFile 0, URL, LocalFilename, 0, 0
    End Function
    Function InString(SourceLine As String, StartSource As String, EndSource As String)
    ‘ In this Function phrase the data
    Dim i As Long ‘ Here we Dim I it will hold the position of the first delimiter
    Dim j As Long ‘ Here we Dim I it will hold the position of the second delimiter
    Dim TempStr As String ‘ This will Temporaraly hold a string during the Function

    i = Len(StartSource) + InStr(SourceLine, StartSource)
    If i > Len(StartSource) Then
    j = InStr(i + 1, SourceLine, EndSource) ‘find second delimiter
    If j Then
    TempStr = Mid$(SourceLine, i + 1, j – i – 1) ‘ Using Mid and the Previous Positions of
    ‘ the Delimiters we phrase out what we are looking for
    InString = TempStr
    End If
    End If
    End Function
    Private Sub Label5_Click()
    MsgBox “PalProfiler Coded By NME aka (Departure)”, vbOKOnly ‘ Infomation message box
    End Sub

    And once again feed back and input is the way to learn :O)

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