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What are some good hosting providers?

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    forgive me if i am posting this in wrong section

    any good website hosting company for a tiny site?

    I came across this webhosting company but if you have any other recommendation, please let me know. Also, what you guys think about Bluehost?


    Sorry for Late reply, I am trying to answer our unanswered and old threads, Befor it we lock it..
    Its just the rules….. That if the thread is old, then it should be locked! But now I will answer this and then lock it.. Hopefully this TOPIC will help others as well..

    What is a good webhosting:
    Well it depends on for what you want to use it for.. If you need a simple website using HTML or ASP net, then go for GODADDY or JUSTHOST.. If you need something like PHP, vBulletin forums Joomla, WordPress, then I must admit that Blue host must be the last option in my opinion!

    Starting your hosting at BLUE host is maybe a good option, but moving from another Host to Bluehost will give you problems! Especially if your database is larger than 50mbs! Then you cannot be hosted by BlueHost! They do not accept Databases Large than 50MBS ! Which really is a low point for BLUE HOST!

    I am a vBUlletin developer and our database exceeded 50 mbs in just a few months..

    But JustHost or Godaddy for having simple webhosting must be the best and cheapest! Make sure to choose a hosting company that will give you 120% support and service when something goes wrong! And I know that
    GODADDY helps their costumers all the way, since we are hosted by godaddy and its our 2nd year! (vBulletin Forum Board)!

    Anyways, I hope this will help you and others on here….

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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