Win a Paltalk Plus Subscription for 1 Year (Blue Nickname)!

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    Win a Paltalk Plus Subscription (Blue Nickname)

    Deadline for the Contest 08 JUNE 2013 – Its already Started:

    I know that many of us cant afford to have color nickname, or some does not have a credit card to buy one, and plus so many in our forum has potentials our forum that I really feel bad that we cant do anything to give something back. But now we the chance. We started the contest yesterday after so many delays.. Last year we had nothing left from our Donations, but this year already here in month of May we have been lucky to have had a lot of support and a good amount of Donations left! Still not enough, but we have a few dollars left!

    And as Long as I am the accountant for our forum China-Cheats, then I promise that not a single PENNY of our Donations will go in a wrong pocket! That why I decided to ask my friends and mods on our forum to make this contest. We do this for our members and for those who always been there for us, and especially our DONATORS!

    About the Contest:

    You can either win a Paltalk Plus Subscription for 1 Year (Blue Nickname) or a VIP Subscription on our forum for 1 Year, inclusive free downloads from our VIP section, and full access to all our VIP Forums.

    We are offering 2 x (Paltalk Plus Subscriptions for 1 Year), all paid by China-Cheats and 2x VIP Subcriptions! So we are going pick 4 WINNERS, and who knows, maybe you will be one of them!

    Please Visit the link below and Add your name below the post, and read what it takes for you to
    win! Remember, that nothing comes for free, you will have to work for it. But thats not too much to ask for and not to much to do..

    Contest Link:

    A Big, Thanks to our Team members Ayush, Thuko Popeye11100 and Pa36Ohjuk for adding ideas and for making this possible! Last but not least, a big thanks to our DonatorsI think we owe you all a big thanks…..,

    This will only be annoucned on :pb: and :pb: , drunk. so thanks Dutchplace and Imfiles for allowing us to post it on here…

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