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YT9213AJ and YT9216B – Full brick recovery / Custom mods

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    This is for me, so I can mess with my cheap car android unit 🙂
    Originally found here.

    1 – Download the file and unzip it onto you PC hard drive
    2 – Make sure Mediatek drivers are correctly installed on your PC (view this guide here on XDA on how to properly install them)
    3 -Download FlashTool version 5.1824 (or you will get transfer errors with reading DRAM or Scatter file) – if this version gives you errors, try other versions between v5.1736 and v5.1916
    In Flash Tool, ‘write to memory’ both BOOT1 and ROM_USER file if your unit is bricked or just ROM_USER if your unit works fine. You will need USB-A cable for this. You can download this step-by-step guide that I made (with pictures). During this step make sure your head unit is completely disconnected from car battery or any other power source
    4 – When installation is complete (import can take roughly 20 min), restart the unit in TWRP Recovery mode (use the Shutdown app that came pre-installed with the mod) and in TWRP pick “Wipe Cache / Dalvik”.
    5 – Done!

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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