Trvia Bot SP 10 isue

Trvia bot send Text chat with chinese or japanese langauge that f***** funny … any idea lolz.

Trai Tim Barbecue: Ready To Play Trivia Bot
Trai Tim Barbecue: Question: Hay Tha Loi Cho —-?
Trai Tim Barbecue: Question: Hay Tha Loi Cho —-?
Trai Tim Barbecue: 楔敭椠⁳癯牥映牯琠敨愠獮敷⁲携
Trai Tim Barbecue: Question: Xin Em Dung —-?
Trai Tim Barbecue: 楔敭椠⁳癯牥映牯琠敨愠獮敷⁲携
Trai Tim Barbecue: Question: Dem Co —-?
Trai Tim Barbecue: 楔敭椠⁳癯牥映牯琠敨愠獮敷⁲携
Trai Tim Barbecue: Question: Chuyen Hen—-?
Trai Tim Barbecue: 楔敭椠⁳癯牥映牯琠敨愠獮敷⁲携

9 thoughts on “Trvia Bot SP 10 isue

  1. oh yeah, tks for your prompt reply ! this bot is great , i tried and the bot text looked perfectly like TVK or Trivia Master bot, nice job, wazzup !

  2. loco im truelly have no idea how that happening lol… its was writing viet letter and come up with chinese or japanese or korea letter lol… thats wear lolz …i test with paltalk messenger v10 394…i had update pal 10 b396 and its ok now lolz

  3. i think you need to manual by clicking save player score button its on the main option look at the top right u will see the button > its will show the main option …tap number #3 called Game >>>> Player and score …. save score ,delete player …v.v. .. good luck … peace 😉

  4. Thank you for using trivia bot …the timer u can change on the option the button > that the option area i think paltalk won’t let the program send custom color if so u can design blue color for the QUESTTION and another its all in the Option section….u can download the original trivia bot from the locohacker its kinda same just only difference design … and also here is the site from member in here ….
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    hope u enjoy it …… i’ll try my best to design the cool one for next time …. i wish i have a lot of time 🙂 cheerrrrrrrrrr

  5. HI Wazzzup, Thanks for the good Trivia. I have problem when i use in paltalk, it writes very fast the question + the answer or the timeout message + the score and in that case someword becomes invisible to other player and i get message from paltalk that says :Alert: Your last text message was not sent because the owner of this room has limited how fast members can send consecutive messages. Wait a few seconds and try again. , ppl see answer but not the question. Can you change the timer or the time the words types inthe main bord => Delay 1 or 2 sec? And can you put together TIMEOUT message and the self answer in one writing moment and sametime make a file that allow us to change the message title? THANKS again

  6. Trivia Bot 10 just update and test with pal 10 396 have fun … dont forget right click >> run as administrator
    otherwise its wont send text to room 😀
    please thanks for the imfiles ‘s group programers

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