UniTalker (Unicode for Paltalk Lover)

Recently, I looked into Paltalk Unicode, I noticed that they have UNICODE support, but I am not able to enter Unicode text through paltalk window.

So I did some research and yet I was able to create an add-on to send Unicode text to Paltalk windows.


I called it UniTalker, it can sends Vietnamese, Chinese, Japanese, Koreans or any language that supports Unicode to Paltalk chatroom. This works well weither in the room or PM messages.

4 thoughts on “UniTalker (Unicode for Paltalk Lover)

  1. This o nly works if the locale for non-unicode applications is set to english.
    Those who must set a different locale will be able to see their native language on paltalk regardless of it’s support of unicode.

  2. It doesn’t work, people say it’s still without poses. or when I tested with 2 nicks (1 use Pal express, it appears Arabic when I type Vietnamese)

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