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How do I hide my nickname in leaderboard ?

For me this is a problem, I don’t want everyone to know where I live .. In Paltalk for Desktop There’s something name leaderboard .. When sending or receiving a gift shows nickname and state flag in the leaderboard

Paltalk it does not maintain user privacy .. Because publishes our nicknames and state flags in the leaderboards

I contacted Paltalk in this regard .. Paltalk answer to me .. The New Paltalk for Desktop is all brand new from the ground up so some features are not supported yet 🙂 We will be adding lots of amazing new features

How new ? It has been since 2017

What do you think if we challenge and write to Paltalk

Because if they see that many people write to them on the same topic .. maybe fix the new version .. Especially not to shows nickname and state flag in leaderboard

Please help me if you have no knowledge of how to hide the state flag. Help me write to Paltalk on not to shows nickname and state flag in leaderboard

This is the email address paltalk :

Thank you

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