VNTalk Messenger v0.1


I’ve been working on one of the Messenger using Socket TCP, I thought it is difficult to do so … but once I started and I just realized making the Messenger isn’t that difficult.   Here is the link you can check it out, it’s still in the testing phrase


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  1. Nice, This got me thinking why dont we all get together and make a kick asz messenger and open messenger :)

    Yeah there not anough messangers out there we need another one.

  2. Chike that’s true but they all suk asz, man Im talking about an open non rule chat programs 🙂 all this rules make all this messengers chat rooms boring :mrgreen:

  3. Chike that’s true but they all suk asz, man Im talking about an open non rule chat programs :) all this rules make all this messengers chat rooms boring :mrgreen:

    What rules exactly? Yahoo chat had “bo rules” what so ever and look where it is now.

    Paltalk is good because it lets people have control of their rooms, whatever rules they make is up to them, and people can choose which they like or not. Without admins paltal would be dead as yahoo, plus it is safe (no peer to peer comunication).

    The one think I can think that can be useful is make paltalk like (safety features and video/audio quality) open source that anyone who wants can use it for free.

  4. Well those admins always bouncing people for not reason :) even when we nice ehheheheh

    So what, no admins? We know how that goes.

    Everyone can make a room and set their own rules or no-rules

  5. My way will  looks more like IRC style…. where you can do /mode +o Nick… they can become op …. no need for the admin code like Paltalk.

    Not only you can bounce with reason  … you an part a channel with reason … /part reason   or /quit reason

  6. My way will looks more like IRC style…. where you can do /mode +o Nick… they can become op …. no need for the admin code like Paltalk. Not only you can bounce with reason … you an part a channel with reason … /part reason or /quit reason

    Paltalk should have removed the need for code ever since they made admin list or at least make it aavailable if you don’t use a list

  7. ‘@NYVE, Not long ago I’ve been trying  same thing for a long time as well. But my goal was to create a simple Multi Threading Voice Chat Server. And true enough, it is very hard to Create a complete Chat. First up I had to find out how to create “Multi Threading” because of the Port wasnt allowing more than single IP and Port at a time. It took me awhile to figure it out. I then went to buy a Windows Server for my Project, and after a few months I stopped on the project and closed my Windows hosting account.

    The best Example I can share with you all is FireTalkNew Chat. They are using the Best methods used in VBNET. They are using Clean VBNET Coding and Methods, and they have a Clean VOICE in the Chat Rooms. As far as I know FireTalkNew is using the NAudio, NSpeex and AForgeVideo as Reference and DLL for the Voice. NAudio is is a Open Source Project and available on

    I do have a Decompiled source of FireTalkNew tho. It will for sure give you a clear view into how vBNET Coding is used. Else I am all in for the Chat Project. As long as its not made in DELPHI lol. I remember Departure was speaking about creating a complete Delphi Chat or Addon for Paltalk. lol


  8. ‘@Chike,  oh well I was not able to Login using the same Pors to Join the same IP. But I did find a workarround. Just not that easy that I thought tho. Right now I have no plans going back to the TCP IP or Sockets method. But I will def remember to ask if I needed some help tho…

    Edited After I found the Video//

    Ps, This is the Video that Helped me

  9. hey guy’s you  know a lot about coding how do you read from a  TPainPanel. Im asking there is a few games that have been made but only thing is i find is hard to get read a  TPainPanel even so clues so we can learn ourself. thanks in advance guys and great work with vntalk been in a few times there looking good

  10. ‘@Linker, What is the TPainPanel related to. Doesnt ring any alarms here. But I think you should create another Topic regarding help etc….

    @NYVE, I just tried the VNTALK. Looks pretty Cool and very awesome. Myself I would love to know more about working with MYSQL and ASPNET using NET befor I start on a Project like the a Simple Messenger. You done a great job on that. I cant wait to one day create my own Messenger as well.

  11. the Tpaint panel is for chat to get the games to read it so they can work in the chat. if we could learn how to read it then the games would work thanks

  12. Let me just say this…as a non-programmer and power user/admin…

    The tools to dot/bounce/ban at a room level, system level and user level are very important….to keep the people (paying customers) in the room happy and allow them to enjoy the chat experience.  Many of the users from yahoo appreciate the admins that keep the havoc etc out of the room…..we enjoy the music bot, and some of the admin tools (cam loader, admin tools, quick bounce etc..) and a lot of the idiots from yahoo find themselves on the quick end of a dot/bounce when they come into our room and try to be a pain in the ass….just because they think it is fun….this chatting is truly an aspect of some peoples lives and they truly come to chat to avoid the day in day out stuff they put up with in real life…..

    An API for secure add ons/features….built in music bot/admin tools….a real OSX/Linux/Windows and iOS/Android mobile solution with feature parity…..

    A way to auto red-dot new users to a room, or at least un-verified users/non paying users would be great….The admin code is great so if you need to change it quick, locking all admins out for whatever reason….is really a good idea….integrating room admins with all the tools would be great…

    but, most of all…a stable audio/video chat experience is what people want…and complain about the most.  Complete Emots and Stickers compliment the chat experience….but keeping Cams up, Sound going (in sync) (being able to choose the sound source etc..(not just use the default) and being able to log in, and STAY logged in (stop the fucking crashing/dropping) at even DSL speeds is really what people will pay for.  Give them a stable, good chat and they will pay for it….give admins the ability to control the room like Paltalk does…and add some features…like true IP/ban/blocks….keeping up to date IP’s for nics to avoid work arounds from web based/mobile/MAC and IP spoofing etc…Use backend technology like WOWZA server or something to provide the audio/video streams….there are entire CDN’s built on that technology…us TCP/IP and standard ports….secure protocol….UDP is great, but not reliable….there is nothing wrong with RTMP streaming…over port 80 supporting flash or naitive HTML streaming….H.264 for video and AAC for audio….all standards….

    Build in tools to prevent links/emails from regular users….(or dot/bounce), flooding….etc…these are all things that make people actually ENJOY the chat.

    just my opinion based on the people I interact with all day for many years for what it is worth…btw…only those that end up being dotted/bounced/banned are the ones that complain about it…aside from an admin acting out of revenge etc…there is usually a reason for it…..and we try to make sure our admins don’t act out like that on people… if they do, we remove their admin privs.

  13. When a gane can be created and people trying to learn new things and not asking for some one to do it just be sent in the right direction. People should be happy and if any problems let the game maker know and it will get fixed.


    A game is for people to enjoy nothing or no chat is perfect and I know a few will complain thats part of life. We just hope that most will enjoy it and see the work that is gone in to it.


    I have been in chat since 1991 and a lot of things I take on the sholders. Just loke anything even this forum I appreciate.


    Also when someome pits there mind to something and does it for the most part very well there are times when we can help people to understand something they dont. I love working with and helping people. I get satifaction knowing they gone away with a smole and a sence of trust. If I don’t know something I will do my best to search the internet and find it out before I would ask anyone.


    At the end of it its no good playing a game on your own so with that in mind thinling of the users comes first in everyway possible. We only live life once.

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