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Hi I am a Noob lol

Im interested in the methods used by Paltalk for voice, I was going to have a look in the source code in Beyluxe but I dont know delfa so I was wondering if theres any good examples out there in VB6 or VB.net that can show me how its done?

Im a big fan of mumble and to me they have mastered alot of the voice issues and tricks but it can be a headake if more then 2 people speak at the same time so i liked the idea of paltalk but I dont know how its done.


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  1. This option can only be done if you have a commercial room like Blue or Green. (Black rooms dont have) In the room settings you can select the simultanian voice option , there are many other option which you can see here: http://nl.paltalk.com/support/commercialrooms.html


    Hay PacMan thanks for your reply 😉 

    So this programming method of voice used on paltalk is called Multiplex ??????????? 

    Im looking on how to do this method in my own chat client, I want to know how it works from server to client.

    Is there any source code examples I could look at to see how its done???

  2. I think there are no examples to show as there aint many programmers here running there own Messenger.


    Yeah its a tricky one lol I am just looking around 😉

    I will keep an eye out just encase, I guess its the method used to control 3 way mics and all that .

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