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VoiceChatAlpha V.1.59

VoiceChatAlpha is a brand new chat client specifically designed to bring vocalization back onto the social seen again.
Where groups of people can freely and naturally communicate with each other, and express themselves efficiently using their voices; as you can never truly express yourself threw text alone.

There are no restriction on how many people can talk at the same time, just like in real life, this is unlike any other chat room, where only one person has the microphone at one time and you have to wait until they have finished, often forgetting what you were going to say or it being irrelevant by the time you get your chance to talk.

With hundreds of chat room, local and international you should be able to find someone to talk to and something to talk about.

Whether it’s for socializing or online game collaboration. With high quality but low latency and low bandwidth, VoiceChatAlpha is perfect for people around the world, who may not have a good internet connection or for gamers who need there bandwidth for online gaming.

1. It’s totally free to join, and very easy to sign up, just download the client, enter a user name and password and click register.
2. Here you can add people to your friends list, simple in its design it includes some very useful features,
like private messaging that supports offline messages if a friend is offline.
Friend status showing if there in a chat room, with the ability to join them in that room with a single mouse click.
and a profile link where you can share a link to your social networking websites, like FaceBook and MySpace.

3. You can navigate thru the room browser and see where the majority of people are, this is very useful for finding the most popular rooms.
4. There are two modes you can use, as a classic chat room with voice and text, or hands free in the background so you can do other things while you talk.
While playing a game, there is an overlay projected on your screen so you can see who is talking, this is also useful when recording game play videos for YouTube.
5. You can make your own temporary rooms for free or pay a small fee for your own room or category that will stay even while not occupied.
6. Room owners have an administrator control panel per room, where you can customize room access along with other aspects like a message of the day.

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  1. Its been a wile since I have been on here but its nice to see your still going on strong πŸ˜‰ I shall have to update my little advert here as a lot has changed to my client since this version.

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