Whisper Reader

Here is the whisper reader video:

Well a lot of people have been talking about reading whispers on paltalk.
I found this video wich is great, but it only reads the whisper sent to himself.

It means if anyone tries to send you a TEXT in room, it will catch it.
But there is only one way to read whispers, its to be a paltalk-administrator.
Or else u really need special skills, as it says in one of the comments on the video.

Acutaly this kind of topics makes the forum very interesting,
so lets keep comment about the whisper reader 🙄

By ChiNa-Man

3 thoughts on “Whisper Reader

  1. It’s very simple, you can read anything that is sent to your computer, and whispers sent to other are not sent to you.
    So until you find a way to direct whispers that are sent to others to your nickthere’s simply no pint to discuss it.

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