Windows 10 Kick ass :)

So I upgraded my Windows 8 machines to Windows 10 and all I can say is thank Microsoft for giving it for free and bringing my damn start menu back I miss the shit the most 🙂


It does starts a little slower than windows 8, but once is up man is real fast and the Flat looks I love I hated the damn Aero crap

The new Edge Browser is actually cool, but I am sticking with Firefox for now.

Oh if you guys need to get it right now you can go here
You can make and ISO via USB or DVD or you can just downloaded to the machine you want to update and click on update 🙂

7 thoughts on “Windows 10 Kick ass :)

  1. Downloading the iso and will try in virtualbox. Linux users will need VirtualBox 5.0 with guest extensions installed to run Windows 10 without too many problems.

  2. <p abp=”256″>Actually this time microsft did nice and gave us free upgrades, a good thing after the crappy windows 8. that shit was worse than vista.

    They don’t give nothing for free, they are pimping and pushing it like crazy.
    If you installed Windows 10 upgrade offer update it will start downloading every time u update and doe’s not make it easy to remove.
    I’m in no hurry I have a year to decide I upgrade.
    I hear you only have 10 days to roll back so for you it’s too late 😛
    Since you didn’t pay anything you are in no position to claim anything when you find out you been %&(#$

  3. Man if you in windows 8, I am telling you this is 100000000 times better, but waht I do is backup the whole drive, so I could change it back when I want to. But hell no I will never go back to windows 8 🙂

  4. I am happy with Windows 7
    Just because Microsoft make new OS don’t mean I must have it.
    You might discover that when you restore your drive it will still force you back to Windows 10.
    Those guys at Microsoft ain’t dumb as everyone think they are.

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