XMPLAY bot request

Hi all! I hope everyone is having a good day.

I was thinking I would request a bot similar to winamp bot but designed for xmplay with similar design and functions and commands.

XMPLAY is a very small lightweight powerful player that has some compatibility to some winamp plug-ins. I use it as well as winamp. I am a admin in a paltalk music room.

Site for XMPLAY located here

Please locohacker will you be able to make XMPLAY bot for Paltalk?

Thanks very much for listening to my request! 😀

8 thoughts on “XMPLAY bot request

  1. Hi Locohacker!

    Thanks for replying to my post 😀

    I would like XMPLAY bot to act like winamp bot in all respects but it needs to connect with xmplay. Post in the room artist and title. Same room commands as winamp bot same iface. Same everything 😀

    Appreciate it bud 😀

  2. lol, I actually took at look at the program the other day, 🙂 and I was looking for a source so I could implemented to Paltalk no luck so far 🙁

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