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Paltalk 7.0.4 Build 61

  • Admin 

Paltalk 7.0.4 Build 61 is the new paltalk. We tested and it have same old paltalk features nothing major.

Paltalk Beta Build 51

  • Admin 

Paltalk Beta Build 51 is the new beta from paltalk. Paltalk did mostly new updates in this build not much in term of design.

Paltalk RDfader 1.4

  • Admin 

Paltalk RDfader 1.4 to send cool fade designs to paltalk rooms. Paltalk fader for all working Paltalk Builds. Download Paltalk RDfader 1.4

Paltalk Whisper Build 43

  • Admin 

Paltalk Whisper Build 43 to send whispers easyly in the paltalk room. This a whisper for the new paltalk build 43 only.

Paltalk Lite 7.0

  • Admin 

Paltalk Lite 7.0 is a pratalk without some stuff from paltalk. This is a paltalk whotout the banners 🙂

Paltalk RDFader (Text Fader) 1.1

  • Admin 

Paltalk RDFader (Text Fader) 1.1 a progrm to send cool text designs to paltalk rooms. For all working Paltalk Builds (&save &ascii case fix)