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Paltalk Triggerbot

Paltalk Triggerbot a program for room admins. Triggerbot v1.4 Help ==== !HAND ;Raise / Lower your hand (reg-talk). !MIC ;Open / Close your mic. !MUTE ;Turns all group Sounds off. !EXIT ;Closes the active group window. !RD “Nick” ;Red dot / Undot (use * for wild char, ex. !RD rya* ) !RD “ON/OFF” ;Red dot / Undot group !BOUNCE or !B “Nick” (use * for wild char, ex. !B partofnick* ) !PI “Nick ” ;Displays the PalInfo !ADMIN ;Displays all Admins in the group. !SEARCH or !S “Nick” ;Search for nicks in the group (use * for wild char) !TR “LIST|ADD|DEL” “NAME:TEXT” ;Manages own triggers (Optional: %X As Trigger. ex: !TR ADD wc:Hey %x! Welcome!! ) !HELPME ;Displays this command list. Works for paltalk 553 And 7.0

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