Paltalk Store

Paltalk Store is a website where you can buy stuff from Paltalk. So if you a Paltalk fan and like to showoff your love for Patalk go to the website and get some of the stuff they are selling. I don’t know why I am promoting their site since I don’t get anything from them, […]

Paltalk Filters

Paltalk Filters is a feature in Paltalk where you can add filters to your webcam videos. I have never used these things before but until I notice them today, yea I am kindna late for this Filters thing. I think Paltalk made a good decision by adding filters since every other social app is using […]

Paltalk Rewards Program

Paltalk Rewards Program was created after Paltalk announced the discontinuation of Props Tokens. They added more than 20 new Paltalk Rewards, Like free Subscriptions, Sticker Packs, Flair, Color Nicknames, and Virtual Credits. Free Subscriptions – Unlock FREE Extreme, VIP, and Prime subscriptions. Exclusive Sticker Packs – Get access to sticker packs that aren’t available any […]