Balool 2.2 Special Edition (+Plus 500 Smileys)

Balool 2.2 Special Edition ChiNaPal with 500 Smileys,
Now 4 Builds Ready for Download, Build 419, 422, 430 and 431,

Balool Youtube Channel Tutorials added in Balool 2.2!
Visit for Balool Releases

Balool 2.2 wjth 500 Smileys 1-Click Auto-Installation!

4 Paltalk Builds, with more than 500 Smileys!
1: First Install Microsoft NET Framework 4.0 Client Profile to make Balool run correctly.!
Download :

2: Start ChiNaPaltalk Installation file the downloads below, and always Install the Latest and Newest Build or Update. Just 1 Click and it will install ChiNaPal and Balool 2.2! And make sure install NET.Framework befor you start this! Its very Important! Or it wont work!

Download From:
1. ChiNa-Pal Build 431 With Balool
Download –>

2. ChiNa-Pal Build 430 With Balool 2.2
Download –>

3. ChiNa-Pal Build 422 With Balool 2.2
Download –>

4. ChiNa-Pal Build 419 With Balool 2.2
Download –>

Download ONLY SMILEYS —> PalTextCtl.dll

Contact Dutchplace Admins, on http://www.Dutchplace.Nl! Your name has to be put in server, may take 24-48 hours ! Send a pm to Pacman or @Dutch-Tulip

By ChiNa-Man / ChiNa-Boy!

:::::::::::::::::::::::::::::Some Extra News ::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::

Another news is the my name is in the thankings list in this new update,
for my support and Balools Channel on Youtube, Visit

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