Best way to run Paltalk on Linux

Great forums here concerning Paltalk. I am running Linux here. Is there something better than ‘Paltalk Express’?

Gaim-pt 1.5.0?

No mic no webcam in Paltalk Express. Running under linux.



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  1. Well Paltalk stop the Gaim-pt long time ago it still here on the site 🙂
    The one time I tried doing it I use wine, which you can read about it here
    And for the Paltalk Express mic and cam problem have you try this that I read in this site 🙂
    The problem is that Flash does not always ask you whether you give permission for cam and mic, so we need to tell Flash it’s fine to use.

    Go to this site:

    You will see a long list of websites in the box, scroll down until you get mentions of ‘’.
    Highlight that and tick the box saying ‘Always allow’…do not select ‘Always Ask’ since this will NOT work.
    Go to the other tabs and do the same.

    Now when you log into Paltalk Express, you can use mic, and cam.



  2. Umm I think is for the Youtube stuff paltalk be showing, you can leave it as is I guess try it, I don’t have a linux box right now so I dont know how this might affect the settings 🙂

  3. Yes mic works properly now in paltalk express now! I just left the—->


    I am using Linux Mint Petra right now with firefox 28 webbrowser.

  4. The best way I’ve found to use PalTalk Messenger in linux distros is to use VirtualBox. Create a Windows virtual machine and make sure dotNet framework is up to date. PalTalk blocks free/black accounts on virtual machines but works well with paid/gifted accounts.

    I have tried all the different ways in Wine but  PalTalk continues to crash. I would be able to login, get room list,  even join rooms with voice but the app would crash in about 2-3 minutes.

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