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Camfrog 5.3

This is Camfrog 5.3 with the following changes. Buy virtual gifts for rooms. Now you can give rooms virtual gifts. The top 3 rooms with the most gifts in any category appear at the top of the list. The internal video chat room list has been completely redesigned. Mouse over remote or local video windows to see the new cool video rendering system control icons. Just mouse over a remote video window and press the �IM� icon to send the user an instant message. Birthday Notifications. Users who have a birthday today have a fun hat icon next to their nickname. Buy your friend a birthday virtual gift by clicking on the hat icon. The file transfer system has been improved where file transfers are faster and it�s now possible to send larger files and several files simultaneously. This new system is not compatible with older versions of Camfrog. New security upgrades have also been added to the file transfer system. One �Call� button. Call to go into audio mode, then press �Start Video� to start your video if you wish to do so. You can go into your settings to make video start every time in one-on-one calls. Teen Safety upgrades including a new foul language filter. Go to your settings to add bad words to the bad words list. New hyperlink security upgrades for instant messages and rooms. IM history is now on by default for all users. You can now also search your IM history. IM History is now encrypted. Bots in your contact list now have a bot icon instead of a user icon. Bots can now receive virtual gifts and receive gift points. 18+ rooms in your contact list now say (18+) next to them.

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