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Can I use and old WordPress theme

Can I use and old WordPress theme, I ask myself when the theme I was using for this site was more than two years old. Now if you search on the internet you will find various opinions about it. These are the main questions asked around the internet.

Will the theme be compatible with the new WordPress?

Well it turns out that according to WordPress theme creators such as isitwp, the themes will still work with WordPress no matter how old they are or if you plan to upgrade WordPress.

Will the theme have any security risks?

Nope, unless the theme had a flaw to start with, most WordPress hacks occured when people don’t upgrade WordPress or the plugins they use.

What should I do?

Do nothing. If your theme is working why worry. Just make sure to keep your site up to date.

PS: I really find annoying how in Google search you get such diverse opinions and the top ranks sites over explain things. Google is not about how many words, it’s about getting to the point. Thank you!!! I doupt Google will listen to me 🙂

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