HI GUYS ONCE AGAIN I HAVE A QUESTION IS THERE ANY TRICK THAT ANY OWNER OF ROOM OR SUPER ADMIN CHAT WTH YOUR NICK I MEAN FOR EXPAMEL I HAVE NICK GB nd i chating in room and owner can type also wth my nick its happend wth me i get shocked ! a owner type wth my nick

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  1. Like Chike said, if in your own room that you are the @dmin of, paste in some text that has a carriage return.

    Paste this into a room that you are an @dmin of:

    Nic: Hello
    Nic2: Hi

    Adding code to make the text appear colored can be added. There are a lot of “Admin Tool” type programs that can do this for you.

  2. No one type with your name, this an old trick.
    Admins can type multi lines in the room so they type one line something and the next line your name with text.
    There will always be the admin name above yours e.g.:
    admin nick: blah bla
    GB: blah blah blah

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