General Information On Vista

GENERAL: Where Vista is installed on a PC with components more than 12
months old, don’t be surprised if you can’t find suitable drivers for all of
those components. Sometimes beta drivers may be downloaded for Vista and
these may or may not permit your components to operate as they would under
an XP environment. INSTALL PALTALK IN A VISTA ENVIRONMENT: Download and save
Paltalk version 9.0 to your desktop from Do a custom install and
configure it as you desire making sure any firewall remains turned on to
ensure that it gives correct permissions to Paltalk for it to operate. After
installed, do not open Paltalk but right click on the short cut icon created
on desktop, in the drop down menu which opens left click on properties,
choose the “Compatibility” tab, then click the down arrow next to “Run this
program in compatibility mode for: “then click the down arrow, highlight and
click on “Windows XP (Service Pack 2)”.Click APPLY, click OKReboot your
PCLogin and enjoy your Paltalk.

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