PalCamsHelper – Auto Load your Favorite Cams

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First of, thank you to Locohacker for all he has contributed to the Paltalk community and for

Secondly, thank you to Chike for this program, which is reborn from a version that he had for earlier versions of Paltalk. I only inquired about it, tested the updates and created this installer. All credit for this app goes to Chike.

This version has been tested on Version 11.3 Build 551.

The purpose of this utility is to allow you to automatically load cams of your favorite people.
This happens when you first enter a room AND when they turn their cam on while you are in
the room. By default, this utility connects to Paltalk when you start it and to the room you are
in. The program can also run minimized.

The Readme at the end of install, as well as in the PalCamsHelper directory, has basic use information.

Microsoft 2012 C++ x86 Runtime Library installer is included in this install and will install as needed as part of the install process.

EDIT 1/24/14
Added updated pallib.dll from Chike

EDIT 1/26/14
Added updated pallib.dll from Chike


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  1. ‘@Reformed_DJ, Right now there are huge changes and updates going on in Paltalk. Lets give it some time untill a Propper Paltalk Build is released in Public. Then I am sure the developer of the Program will put out an update!

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