Paltalk ID & UID Converter

Paltalk ID Converter 1.2 UPDATE

We are releasing 2 Different Versions of Paltalks ID Converter! . They both Work SAME, Only the VIP version has a bit more fancier look. We do not have many products in our VIP Section, so we are trying to put some new Products in there as well. Excuse us for that.

About Paltalk ID Converter:
Its a UID to Username Converter, and Username to UID (Aso Called Nickname) ๐Ÿ˜€ You can also Convert ROOM ID to Room Name as well with same application!

Important Notice: You cant just get anyones UID with this TOOL. But only those who have registered a Profile on We simply dont wanna break any of rule by publishing UID’s of people who does not have a PROFILE on Paltalk, or does not want to share it in Publich!

VIP Versions on

And remember we all do have friends who does not want their privacy revealed! So Respect That Peeps.

Options Added:

* Conver Room ID to Room Name (Incl, Room Location + Category)
* Convert UID to Nickname
* Convert Nickname to UID

Ps, You can also download the VIP VERSION Directly from VIP user’s.

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