Paltalk is Blocking VMWare Sessions

So this morning I tried logging into Paltalk with a Black Nic via a VMWare (Win7) session I have and it says they block black nics from logging into paltalk from vmware machines for security reasons.I’m running pal version 10.0 Build 409. Has anyone else experienced this problem and if so is there anyway around it?

6 thoughts on “Paltalk is Blocking VMWare Sessions

  1. Yeps I check it out I made some changes when the vm was mention and nada paltalk still saw the vm lol well my old pc is out I guess gonna be using that for programming 🙂

  2. Chike umm, I thinking the same, maybe it in the registry of the os identification lol man I mad I cant program on my vm cause Im not going to buy a color nick lol Let me chek this or I am gonna have to bring my dinosaur pc back :swift:

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