Paltalk Music Bot & Trivia Bot xx Screenshot

paltalk program with new design 😆 Please read description before download 🙂 let us know if u need help …. 🙄
Capture mb 8-9 Trivia bot 10 Trivia Bot Utube Blue Capture

4 thoughts on “Paltalk Music Bot & Trivia Bot xx Screenshot

  1. It works great now, Wazzup. I also found out that some commands of Music bot w7 palxx do not work . typically is “mk” to mark fav songs , and what is the command to load fav songs into the playlist : D , some other like “!dl , !time , !me , !ul” also don’t function.

  2. oh i see let me double check see what the issue 😉 ok i got it ..fixed it 😀
    [attachment=1:2q7b6z7r]Music Bot 10 unload 1 min.rar[/attachment:2q7b6z7r]

  3. with music bot 10 unload 1 min, after I click on About Button, a notice message shows up like ” tks for using Music bot ” and then ” Run time error 424, object required”. How to fix it ,Wazzup. I pretty like your bots and am trying out 🙂 great job, wazzup !

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