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Paltalk Bot 11.7

Paltalk Bot is a program made for Paltalk that have many tools to be use in paltalk rooms. You will be able to do many things in the room without actually being there. This bot can be use by regularusers as well as rooms admins. In other to use this bot you will have to install .net 4 in your computer, but if you have windows 7 it should already be install in your computer. The bot was tested in Paltalk 10 and up.


  • Text: You will be able to design as many text as you will like to send to the room.
  • Trivia: You will be able to play trivia games in the paltalk room.
  • Music: With the bot you can play music in the room.
  • Greeter: A greeter is included for you to greet people as they come in the paltalk room.
  • Some Admin Tools: Swearbot, autobounce, autoredot, and more.

New in v.11.7: Updated to work with all New Paltalks 11.7

Note: At this time we need to update the bot to the current paltalk build, current build 530, if you need the bot for older paltalk please contact me in the Forums.

Older Versions: v.1.3 V.1.4 For older Paltalk Builds: 498 502 511 518
For Paltalk 11.5

There a lot more stuff so please go to this Paltalk Bot Forum for more help.

51 thoughts on “Paltalk Bot 11.7”

  1. I dont know if this Message is being posted twice, but I was logged out the first time. But to @LocoHacker, I def agree Bro. This Tool is MY FAVORIT! No Doubt. And I dont overreact, I just tell the facts! This tool has blowen me away. Mostly because how its constructed in a Single Tool. Like having more than 500 Options in a single Tool, Plust I noticed in the Credits page and I saw that Credits were given to the Best Developers ONLINE in Paltalks Programings History! I recommend you all to Download this and do not forget to check out the Credits page! Its just a way of showing respect to all these great Devs, and I had to bring it out to everyone else because this way I show my honor and resepect to these guys! Congurats for having the Best Tool right infront of you and FOR FREE. Regards from! ChiNa-Man!

  2. Bot Paltalk (((10))) Imfiles would be nice if it had a timer update Paltalk … Here in Brazil people talk a lot about the microphone to moderate the audio would be a good Paltalk Timer

  3. Just wondering if there is a bot for paltalk where i can play songs and people in the room have to guess the song or artist and get points, like in trivia?

          1. By chance is there a way I can email you. I have some questions about the source code, specifically how to use some of the Pal functions like WhisperInRoomCommand() SendFileFromRoom and how to invite someone when the PM the bot.

  4. Hi mate…just want to say I appreciate all your hard work in providing this free bot to download and use.
    I downloaded your program and was wondering does it have the capability to import questions from a database such as a Microsoft access database as I have over 20 thousand and don’t feel like typing them all individually

      1. Thank you for the reply but I am not sure what you mean by sample of the database, but i was thinking would it be easier (if you could, I am guessing) have it import from a text file with the question and answer separated by a character such as the * or #. That’s what’s holding me back because I have all my question in either a tvk software database or in a text file in the format I mentioned above.
        I can send you a copy of their standard database with about 7 thousand questions…I have many text files of questions people have sent to me over the years on paltalk. Probably about 2 to 3 hundred thousand but not quite sure

        1. Hey bro I was checking on how to import the files into the bot and it will require me to change the whole part of the trivia which is a pain no time on summer :), but one thing you could do is make a questionnaire then go into the program folder and look for the files which will be 4, I need to explain this better in the forums and there copy each column of the excel file into each file, like one for question another for answer and hints. its a pain thou. Bright away TVK is not longer supporting his programs have you check this one is by @NVYE he still supporting his programs 🙂

          1. Hi mate…thanks for taking the time to look into it and sorry it would turn out to be a hassle…I will look into your advice of the excel file and see what happens…I have a tvk key but u r right he is not supporting that anymore but there is another program from the same guy with only a few slight changes in the software appearance…methinks tis the same guy as I downloaded a freebie and I functioned the same way…anyway thank you very much for your work and help

      that was the site I ended up at…years ago when tvk was running they has the tvk text and tvk player also and this site seems to have it also….I downloaded the freebie and it was virtually the same as my old tvk one…just slightly diff GUI
      I sent the guy and email as I still have my key and believe I should be able to use it but they are asking for an order number also and I don’t have that…so I emailed him…no reply as yet

  5. hey guys,
    Locohacker some ideas or options u can add it to the Bot
    like the timer for auto-unbounce and u can add more option if the user repeat the bad word the bot will add them to the ban list
    other thing is
    for example if someone say “hi” the bot will repeat hi sn% but if you want the bot reply like if someone say “hi guys” the answer “hi dude” something like that cause many times the bot repeat when someone say like “high” the answer from the bot is “hi sn%” so what i mean when i add a word for swearing or auto-answer i type or add like that “hi” he will answer hi sn% when i add “hi guys” he will repeat “hi dude” like that
    other things some nicknames like a symbols so if turn on auto-greater he cant type the nick is show like that “Welcome ?”
    question mark
    hope you understand what i mean
    and ill donate for you cause you doin something helpful for paltalk users
    thanks DUDE

  6. is it possible to add information system
    like you type : Q: whats the weather in NewYok
    and he answer….
    another thing can u add Emoji Emotions for the auto answer
    i think it will be great

  7. I was using this on an old laptop, I recently bought a new one and its not working, but I’m on 8.1 if that makes a difference, but its not working at all. I dont know if i’m doing it right LOL

  8. hello everyone….I have been struggling installing your paltalk music bot in my win 10 paltalk version 11.8.669.18052. I aleady spent many sleepless night trying out how to make it work but with no success. Please help .Thank you.

  9. Hi. I haven’t used Paltalk for 2-3 years, and I never really used Paltalk Bot before. I might have tested it out for a day or two, a really long time ago. So anyway, Paltalk has two versions. The older Classic version, and the newer Desktop App version. Will Paltalk Bot 11.7 work with the newer Desktop App version? Please let me know. Thank you.

  10. I would like too, but man is that the new paltalk is a pain to program for, if one of the more advance give it shot and shows us how to connect to the new paltalk I will update all the programs 🙂

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