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    Paltalk Bot is a total program for paltalk, Thanks to Autopilot, String and others this program is finally here 🙂
    You can get it here:

    You will receive all the help in here.
    The first thing you will do is add admins on the Admin tab of the program. and in each tab you need to select the On checkbox for each of the options you want to use.
    In the admin tab you have this options You can turn on:
    Autobounce: You will add nicks that you want to bounce when they enter the room, for this option you will have to enable to get messege when people enter the room, you can do it in the Greeter tab or directly in the room.
    Autoredot: Same as auto bounce, to redot people.
    Seen: This will add people that go to your room and save them to see when they where in your room, you need enable join room message for this to work too.
    The rest is straigh forward, you can bounce and redot via buttons, and other admin buttons 🙂
    Admin Commands:
    bc! nick – This will be bounce the nick from the room
    rd! nick – This will redot the nick in the room.
    The Music
    The very first thing you need to do is add song to you song list. Click on the Add button and then search for your songs, then save the songlist by first writing the name of the song list and clicking on the Save button that is on the bottom right of the music tab. I thing the rest straight forward 🙂
    You must also if you haven’t done it you need to setup your audio to be able to use you pcsound as you paltalk audio check this link for more help
    Admin Commands
    play play song after pause
    next play next song
    last play previous song
    pause pause the song playing
    stop stop song goes to first song, I thinking on changing that thou 🙂
    All users Commad:
    name name of the current song playing will be send to the room.
    list! this will send a url to the room where you may have the list, ah if you want to make a music list you can click on the Copy button copy the music list and paste it in the html file you created for your song, or text file.
    find! part of the song – this will find songs that have the part and send it to the room.
    req! song number – they can request a song by its number.
    Here is where you have to make your questions, In the first textbox you add the question, the second you add the answer and on the third you add the hint. Then again make sure to save the questions on the by adding a name then clicking on the Save Q button. You can then decide if you want to repeat the questions or go to the next set of questions, by selection.
    pt! name – You can find out how many points the name has.
    top! this will send the player with the most points.
    hint! this will send a hint of the questions to the room.
    question! this will send the question to the room.
    Admins commands
    trivia on Turns the trivia on
    trivia off Turns it off
    First set your greets, decide if you want whispers greets check, and click on the Enable Join button liek the old one.
    You have also a choice of using a welcome back ny checking the WB checkbox for this option to work you mus enable the Seen option in the admin panel.
    The rest of the bot i think is straight forward but if you guys need help you can ask them here 🙂
    Other commands
    sn! name – find out when was the last time that person was in the room 🙂 if the person has being in the room while the bot was on.
    There other choices, like if you see in the front text you can choose if you want to overwrite the colors of nick, room, songs ect.. This also part of the scroller 🙂
    Okay guys if you find any bugs please post them here and if you need help dont be shy :swift:


    i put this in paltalk bot to send welcome messege and is this appearce: yorn: Bem-vindo/a Arrepiado42 a sala rn% … like u see i thinkput the command to appearce the name of the room .. rigth and not show the room.. help me 🙂


    Umm did you enable so paltalk tells you when people enter the room message? :swift:


    yes i click on say ” enable join ” what is the command to appearce the room name i go say with caps but i know is without the caps lock ” RN% ” if is this is what i have in mine messege


    Ah you can’t use caps for rm% or sn% the bot don’t recognize it 🙂 but does it sends a text to the room like “Your message RM% ❓


    Admin i m see u not understand mine english i ll try to explain the better i can .. in the program i have this”Bem-Vindo/a sn% a sala rm% “and appearce like this in the room ” Bem-Vindo/a Admin a sala rn% ” i just want to know why dont appearce the name of the room .. i have the command rigth to appearce the name ” rn% “i hope u understand now what is mine proble .. and sorry mine english i dont speak very well


    K 🙂 I tested it it works for me that message, umm are you using paltalk 10.2 build 456?


    😀 Pal Music-Bot Screenshot :p will release soon …im still working on it 😉


    yes i m using paltalk build 456


    @Giovanni Corlyorn wrote:

    in the program i have this”Bem-Vindo/a sn% a sala rm% “

    Recheck what you have in the bot.

    @Giovanni Corlyorn wrote:

    and appearce like this in the room ” Bem-Vindo/a Admin a sala rn% “

    At the end of what is posting in the room has rn% The correct token for the room name is rm%

    in your post i quoted above, you posted it right, but i think in the bot you typed it wrong.


    if u see in the program the exemple the program have say ” rn% ” not ” rm% ” i put here a pic for u guys see


    It is a typo in the bot form. Loco will have to change it.

    rm% = Room name
    sn% = User nic


    oops that’s a typo lol my bad, so giovanni try using rm% that’s my fault i made a mistake 🙂


    🙂 no problem loco .. sorry to ask here ” what i need to do for me to be a “imFiles Senior” ?


    cool cool I like it.

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