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Paltalk Winamp Bot 11.7

Paltalk Winamp Bot is a bot you can use in paltalk rooms to control Winamp. This is for those people that enjoying using Winamp as their music player in their computer. You can pretty much do everything through room command such as play next, last ect… People in the room can ask the bot for what song is playing with the name! command. There are way to design the text of the messages in the paltalk room and much more.


  • The ability to control winamp via command in Paltalk rooms.

New in Paltalk Winamp Bot 11.7

  • It was updated to work with Paltalk 11.7(It does not work for Build 619)

Old Versions: v.2 For Paltalk Build 461 and lower. 10.2 v3
11 For Paltalk 11s v.11.5 For Paltalk 11.5

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