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Reply To: MrAlone PaLTaLK Ads BloCker 2015


Very Good Job Guys.

I  was also using the hosts file method for almost 2 years. I am Batch geek so I did it all through a Batch file.

But then I figured out new Ads Links would appear on Paltalk Ads.  I got really exhausted changing the hosts file each and every time and in most cases it blocked very important sites I was visited.  Until I found Departures BnP Ads Killer and I then start using that. But then we made the Ads Killer (For All Paltalk Builds) that works exactly like Departures BnP Killer and it has been very helpfull and a lot better than the Hostfile method.

Ps, I still have all my old Batch Projects from the old days when I was using the hosts file method. If anyone needed my Old Project Files including the complete Batch Scripts and the VBS files for  (Administrator Privileges) then I have no Problems sharing it. Just send me a PM.

Here is the Hosts file I was using back then:

# localhost name resolution is handled within DNS itself.
#       localhost
#    ::1             localhost localhost 19.142.13/