Reply To: Media Player – XL Release (Pink & SkyBlue)


@Thanks Loco and Chike for the heads up guys! I couldnt have made it cooler than what you guys have thaught me! I am a good Student 😀

@Thor, Looks like the Installer Fails to Install on the Files completely on Windows Ultimate and 64 Bits. We had another person reporting the Exact same issue with Screenshots.  I have some good news for you. Even tho we both know that your Windows is pretty much Damaged and has not been able to run 50% of our Softwares that requires NET.FRAMEWORK. But maybe this time there is much more hope because I know that the Installer wasnt completely finishing the Installtion of the Product on Windows 7 Ultimate 64!.

We have now completely Changed the Installers and I am sure this time you will success!

Download SkyBlue Version:
Download Pink Version:
Download Vevo Unlocked Version: