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Media Player – XL Release (Pink & SkyBlue)

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    Media Player XL Pink / SkyBlue

    Plus an Extra Version (Vevo Unlocked Videos)


    New Option for Paltalk:
    – MP3 Song Titles as Paltalk Away / Status Message
    – Youtube Video Titles Paltalk Away / Status Message
    – Set a Custom Paltalk Away / Status Message
    – Complete Youtube and Media Player with many options..
    – and many more…. read below!

    All Versions are Available for FREE.
    So Dont forget to Click Thanks!

    Important: Requires NET. Framework 4.0 Client Profile to run!
    Download NET. Framework 4.0 Client Profile >>

    Media Player XL is one of many test Products I have been working with for many months but never got to finish. One of the options for the Media Player was was Requested by few Members on our Facebook Fan page and later also on imFiles Facebook Page.

    The Members requested an option to Play MP3 songs with ability to show the Song Title as users Paltalk Status Message / Away Message. The option has succesfully been added and accomplished. You can now also Play Youtube Videos and allow Song Titles to show up as your Away Message on Paltalk Messenger. It keeps changing when a new song is Playing.

    We are releasing a SkyBlue and a Pink Colored Version. We have also made an EXTRA Version that is made to Play Vevo Videos as a 3rd Party Desktop Software called Media Player XL (Vevo Unlocked). Since youtube is not allowing any 3rd Party Softwares to Play Vevo Videos we made this version as an EXTRA Version. You readn and Download the Media Player XLVevo Unlocked” version all the below!

    Media Player XL – Main (Blue Version)

    – Complete MP3 Player
    – Buttons: Play, Pause, Next, Previouse, Volume, Incl. Fast Forwarding
    – Ability See Cover Images/Thumbnails of Album Cover
    – Ability to Show Song Title as Paltalk Away/Status Message
    – Ability to Add your Custom Away Message

    Notice: The Player will AUTO load all the MP3 Files in your MUSIC folder. If you have over 1000 MP3 Music Files then you are warned now….

    Media Player XL – Main (Pink Version)

    The Pink version has the same options as the Blue Version!

    Youtube Search with Thumbnails (Click N Play Mode)


    – Search Youtube Videos by Any Text
    – Click on the Thumbnails to Auto-Play the Videos.
    – All Click N Play Videos are played in a Popup Window 650x450px
    – Ability to Show Song Title as Paltalk Away/Status Message

    Example of  Youtube Click N Play (Popup Player)

    Flash Youtube Popup Player with Number of Video Views.
    Many other Options might be added one day on a different and Updated version!


    Youtube Media Player (With Search Option)

    Play youtube videos on your Desktop with Ability to Search pto 25 Queries at a time. Using Youtubes Original API! Quick Search without Loading.


    – Play Youtube Videos by Full Link or Use the Search below.
    – Search for Youtube Videos using the Search Option. ( Click on the ListBox on any ofo the found Search queries to Play the Video (In Large or Small Screen)

    – Auto Play Option / or Just Load Without Play
    – Ability to Show Song Title as Paltalk Away/Status Message
    – Popup Window Player / 650x450px
    – Play in Small or Large Screen / + FULL SCREEN

    Example of the Youtube Player in (Large Screen)
    + With Quick Search

    Uses Youtubes own API Provided for NET and C# Programming Languages. So there is almost no Load Time. Always notice that the first time you Start and use the Search or Play options it might take a few seconds to load when its your first time! Beside the first, the rest wont take any time…….

    Add Cover Images to Your MP3 or Media Files

    Since this Product is allowing you to see the Cover Images of your MP3 songs, We decided to add an option for you to Convert and add any Image as Cover-Image or as Album Cover for your MP3 Files or any Other Media Files on your Computer!


    Basic Video and MP3 Media Player for Desktop

    – Browse and Play any Media File from your Computer.
    – Supports AVI, MP3, MP4, MOV, Wav and a few More
    – Works pretty much as a Windows Media Player

    Media Player Final Page

    The last page is a simple mixed page with buttons to Load any of the Pages from the Media Player XL……

    Notice: Vevo videos cannot be played with the versions above. Else you can play any other videors on youtube. Youtube is simply not allowing any 3rd Party Software to Play VEVO Videos! We have instead made a 3rd and Extra Version that also Plays Vevo Videos! Its a bit Larger than the other Versions! Please continue below reading about the Media Player XLVevo Unlocked“!


    Download from Attachments Below or from the Links


    >> Download SkyBlue Version <<

    >> Download Pink Version <<

    Keep In mind, The first time you use the Search Button or want to Play a Video using a Link. Then make sure

    Media-Player XL (VEVO UNLOCKED)

    For this version we are using a different browser control just like Paltalk has done with their MediaPal. But we are not using their Methods since thats huge. We have also added an Embedded Player that is served on China-Cheats Servers. So everything you Play is being played from our Website and Servers and into the Player!

    Installer Size: 24 MBs
    Required Size: 80 MBs of Space

    We have basicly Unlocked VEVO Videos and can now be Played as a 3rd Party Software from your Desktop!


    >> Download Vevo Unlocked Version <<


    Brought to you by ChiNa on behalf of and!


    OMG :mrgreen: man this program is beyond cool, Awsome Job @China-man


    OMG  :mrgreen: man this program is beyond cool, Awsome Job @China-man

    ^ +1

    And btw 559 is out


    when i try to install appearce e error for me .. how i fix this ?? (see pic)


    @Thanks Loco and Chike for the heads up guys! I couldnt have made it cooler than what you guys have thaught me! I am a good Student 😀

    @Thor, Looks like the Installer Fails to Install on the Files completely on Windows Ultimate and 64 Bits. We had another person reporting the Exact same issue with Screenshots.  I have some good news for you. Even tho we both know that your Windows is pretty much Damaged and has not been able to run 50% of our Softwares that requires NET.FRAMEWORK. But maybe this time there is much more hope because I know that the Installer wasnt completely finishing the Installtion of the Product on Windows 7 Ultimate 64!.

    We have now completely Changed the Installers and I am sure this time you will success!

    Download SkyBlue Version:
    Download Pink Version:
    Download Vevo Unlocked Version:


    looks good … awesome!

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