Share your Paltalk Emoji Shortcut !

(lp)  candy
(mu)  music

(co)  coffe
(pc)  popcorn

(dc) digicam
(gf) golfcourse

(bc) birthday cake
(bw) brickwall

Anyone want to share emoji shortcut?



3 thoughts on “Share your Paltalk Emoji Shortcut !

  1. (x*x) = Bleeding

    (bb)  = Basebal bat

    (cap) = Cap

    :gasmask: = Gasmask

    (hp)  = Head Phones

    (po)  = Green Chemistry

    (pc)  = Popcorn

    *YW  = Your Welcome Baloon

    *W/E  = Whatever Baloon




    (bsy)  = Busy

    :horns: = Peace Hand

    fun^  = Fun Meter

    :spider: = Spider

    :hazmat:  = Hazmat

    :anarchy: = Anarchy sign

    suck^  = Suckmeter









    And here are all the hidden Emoji in Build 580



  2. That’s cool, thank you  Admin Pac . I’m also looking shortcut for these emoji.

    I hope someone could share shortcut for these emoji, I’ll use and insert it on my trivia and welcome bot.. 😀

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