News to the new Paltalk Build 639 version 11.7

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    I have noticed that other programs released for Paltalk don’t work or having some errors in the new build. But in my case, programs like Winamp Bot works on the new build. Here are some of the working programs that I’m using to the new build 639. Hoping that sharing this experience would help other to notice that these programs are currently working with no errors. Here are the list of working programs released and coded by our fellow friend Locohacker and coded by other awesome devs here at imfiles.


    ‘Winamp Bot

    ‘Trivia Bot SP


    ‘Music Bot (built in media player)

    ‘Paltalk Bot made in VB.NET (All working)

    ‘TRIVIA Master (Downloaded @ pickmike)

    ‘Music master

    ‘VietVal Bot (correct me if im wrong about the name i recently uninstalled it)

    ‘Mic Jumper (Downloaded @ I think)

    // Other programs

    ‘DavidChicago’s Trivia Bot (I’m gonna share this program tomorrow morning 10Am Philippine time)


    Those programs works fine with me while im in paltalk.


    I will try those other program so I can share again my experience for those who are urgently needed these paltalk programs. 🙂


    Thank you have a nice day.


    //Camfrog: Mytacism/sinosikat

    //Paltalk: Mytacism/sinosikat

    //Beyluxe: perstri

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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