2 X AdminBoards Paltalk by ChiNa-Man

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    2 X AdminBoards Paltalk

    Ok guys, I have some of the finest AdminBoards,
    and I’ll give it to you. Not ONE AdminBoard, But (3) Admin Boards.
    This works on every PALTALK VERSION..
    Even crack versions
    Fast Bounce (You get bounce very FAST)
    Remove All Hands
    RedDot All
    Give Mics To All
    Admin Console
    RedDot User On Mic
    Bounce User On Mic
    Auto RedDot Users On Mic
    RedDot All Admins
    Auto RedDot + AutoBouncer
    Enable Bounce On Link-Post
    Text Disabler, And Showing Logs
    Safe User Lists
    Admin – Board (Nr-2) Extra Use:
    Admin – Board (Nr-3) Extra Use:
    Hope you guys like it……………
    By Miklo….
    Download Link:

    By ChiNa-Man…!


    I downloaded this, but it didnt have the other Admin Boards in it….


    I downloaded but i dont now how to use this 🙁


    Thank u so much China-man, Glad u posted! However, only one version is included in the download like Jkouzes said.

    By the way, is it possible to add to it a Music or MIC-BOT…for other admins to be able to LOCK my mic on and off in my room without having to dot me.

    For example, Lmic! to lock-on the mic only on the computer on which the bot is installed, and Umic! to turn it off — with the option to enable and disable of course.

    I will also ask Locohacker if he can add it to Admin Bot.

    Thanks Again.


    By The way, Under the “Users Lists” Tab, the “Left Users List” doesn’t work…does not list the users who leave the room.


    Just a Notice: Please be aware that many of the links are no longer working after we Changed to WordPress. You have to Download the Programs from our main index page on http://www.imfiles.com instead of the forums. The programs posted within the forums can be outdated. At least some of my programs are outdated in the forums. But the programs on our Index Page are all Updated. Please Download the Programs from our main index page.’


    @UPDAI, The program should work fine. The List is not for users Leaving or Joining. The list is only there so you can add and remove the users manually yourself. Thanks for the Notice and Enjoy.

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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