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Change Ip ?

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    How can i change my ip number i have cable modem …using windows xp


    Ah the way I use to do it was resetting the modem: but it better if u call ur isp to change it for ya 🙂


    i use the program hide ip platinum its the prxy thing but it works for mr it always reads the proxy as my ip so ahahah right now it says im from portugal on the icon


    if you got a router too, reset the mac address and your isp will give you a new ip


    You have to go to Start> Run> type in cmd then a DOS screen will come up type in ipconfig /release then press enter it will drop your ip if you have a router hooked up unplug the router power unplug the cable modem if you dont have a router or hub then just unplug the cable modem leave it unplugged and turn off your PC for something to do for atleast 60 sec’s meaning 1 min. then plug it all back in. Then go to that DOS screen again byt going to start> run> cmd and then type ipconfig /renew keep doing it till it renews your ip sometimes you have to keep doing this and you gotta be fast if you dont use the ipconfig /renew command before your modem connects to the net you will keep your same ip. DSL is easy thou DSL is like dial up however the modem in my view is a booster that makes the dial up speed like 50 to 100 or more kbps faster then 56k and of course with the help of the dsl ISP it helps with the signal. dsl users just have to unplug the power or disconnect from the net depending on which ISP they have some DSL Services wont drop the ip so you might have to do the same as a cable user.


    Hi Dude321,

    What ip address do you have?static or dynamic
    If you are using static,you can’t change your ip without your internet service provider permission.If you have dynamic ip address,it’s possible to change your ip address by using the following ways.
    Go to Start, Run and type in cmd. In the command prompt, type in
    ipconfig /release
    Then type in
    ipconfig /renew
    1.Power down your modem
    2.wait about 10 minutes
    3.power on your modem
    You modem reset by new ip address.Then you can check your new ip address at


    @Sun, This Topic is 11 Years old. Plus the method you mentioned is not working for everyone. It depends on your ISP and your Broadband/Modem settings. For example, Users who has an Static IP are the only one who can use this method today, while Users who does not have an Static IP cannot Change their IP, but only Reset it. And I am one of them. I cant change my IP Either . Instead its much better to use Secure VPN or Secure Proxy Connection.

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