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    hey guys,just a small request i think maybe you guys can help me with,ive seen a video on youtube to custom the name on the main paltalk messanger so it appears as tho you could fake being like a co-admin name on thos part of the messanger … but saying this the video i have seen viewing how this can be done is in arabic text and i have no clue what is being written so if you guys could brighten up my day and enlighten me on how to do this i would very much appreciate it

    thanks guys


    umm ya got the link to the video, cause i think th eonly way you can do that is with paltalk colour and only the people the us epaltalk colour will see the trick out nick 🙄 I think


    above link shows the result

    above link shows how he did it

    here is the link with the video i saw and no doubt you guys will probably say ( this was an old trick and pal has stopped it etc.. lol) but if this is possible i wouldnt mind a PM or a reply to this post


    Whats the point here? you can custom edit anyones nickname in your list including yours, Pointless because your the only one who see’s it… I dont get what the “Trick” is here


    Depature mate , its not a standard name customisation that you can do by right clicking names and editing it yourself…if you watch the video link in my previous post it shows that the name is changed even in the upper part of the main messanger under where it displays which account type the user has…and as for the point?? maybe none but i just thought it was a cool looking gimmick lol

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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