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ExecutiveIm Beta version released.

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    check out the official site link :-

    new beta 1.1 is released of executiveim messenger.

    features of this beta new version is :- #1 new Generalized Voice libraries to adopt any 3rd party commercial voice compression codec very easily.
    #2 new Added support for Microsoft GSM and DSP True Speech Audio Compression codecs. Now you can choose the compression codec as well as bitrate for your public voice chat rooms and voice calls to match your room user’s internet connection speed.
    #3 new Multiple simultaneous speakers are activated in server architecture, however only demo/testing rooms are open so far with this mode.
    #4 RSA public/private key pair based encrypted instant messaging
    #5 Fully Multiplex Architecture allow you to join multiple voice chat rooms, start multiple voice calls and speak and listen in all those rooms and calls simultaneously without muting any of them.
    #6 Buddy Identity verification using RSA public keys
    #7 Delivery confirmation indicators for every single line you send in Private message or in a public chat room
    #8 Encrypted File transfers

    download the file from :-

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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