Get Paltalk Windows Title VB.6

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    This another way to get Paltalk windows title 🙂

    One thing it will get all open windows, but it will include pms, you just need to do a look for “-rooms” to add just pms

    Private Function GetText(Get_hWnd As Long) As String
    Dim lenTxt As Long, retText As String
    lenTxt = GetWindowTextLength(Get_hWnd) + 1
    retText = String$(lenTxt, " ")
    GetWindowText Get_hWnd, retText, lenTxt
    GetText = retText
    End Function

    Call it with

    Combo1.AddItem GetText(FindWindow("dlggroupchat window class", vbNullString))

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    Better change

    retText = String$(lenTxt, " ")


    retText = Space$(lenTxt)

    No preview, no quote, you call this a forum? It’s BS

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    Thanks Chike 🙂
    Man I just started messing with this bbpress hehehe Im telling you at the end is gonna kick phpbb asz 🙂

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