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    maybe possible to add (LaunchWMP Procedure Launches the specified file in Windows Media Player.) some how to each command button that has youtube links already and send to mediaplayer? then some how capture that and show on cam?


    maybe something like this with some changes i’m not sure your the expert im not even a amature hahahah

    ‘ Launch WMP
    If Nz(Me.txtPath, “”) = “” Then
    MsgBox “Please specify a file to play.”
    Me.txtPath = mcstrSamp
    LaunchWMP (Me.txtPath)
    End If
    End Sub


    lol don’t know should be simple to add but havent figured it out yet


    hmmmmmmmmm so if i add all music links into a text file i maybeale to refrence it and open in vb6 media player hmmmmmmmmmm

    #100581 but will it open in windows media player hmmmmmmmmmm my head hurts hahahah thinking too much


    i’m trying find way to make user selected font size in the trivia i figured out color from your code but not select font size

    Private Sub Command13_Click()
    RichTextBox2.SelFontSize = 12
    End Sub

    Private Sub Command4_Click()
    End Sub

    Private Sub Command6_Click()
    On Error GoTo Error_Event:
    RichTextBox1.SelColor = CommonDialog1.Color
    Exit Sub
    End Sub


    how do i add this in the control button Font size like the color palate hmmmmmmmmmmm


    i figured it out lol
    Private Sub Command12_Click()
    On Error GoTo Error_Event:
    RichTextBox1.SelFontSize = CommonDialog1.FontSize
    Exit Sub
    End Sub


    ive fixed few things and added color and font palets seems to work perfect thanks alot got idea from your trivia bot just modified it some hahahahah

    still need to make trivia work and capture youtube video


    Shell = WindowsMediaPlayer1(“”) doesnt work or not adding correctly hahahahah I really need Master Coder like you Help


    possible way to start trivia I need examine more and ask Robin also he Office expert


    hmmmmmmmmmm or this

    Private Sub Command7_Click()
    Dim ourDatabase As Database
    Dim ourRecordset As Recordset
    Dim ourDatabase As Object
    Set ourDatabase = Adodc1.ConnectionString = “Provider=Microsoft.Jet.OLEDB.4.0;Data Source=C:\Users\GrimReaper\Desktop\NewBot Project files\Complete 80 Languages New MDB files 22 may 14\” & Form4.Language & “.mdb”
    Set ourRecordset = ourDatabase.OpenRecordset(“Adodc1.RecordSource = Form4.Language”)

    Do Until ourRecordset.EOF
    MsgBox ourRecordset = ourDatabase.OpenRecordset(“Adodc1.RecordSource = Form4.Language”)

    End Sub

    but stil not working still trying


    i tried add code to form4 from form1 so could manually put questions but not add right some how dumb hillbilly i am lol


    hmmmmmmmmmmm maybe add combo1 box top trivia to join room?


    i add comobox all forms now and copy code not work arggggggggggg

Viewing 15 posts - 241 through 255 (of 305 total)
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