Giving Your Project Controls a XP Look by Project SP

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    This was explain by salmanpaji in the old forums 8)

    Put This In You Programs Codes And See It Will Work, NoMatter What
    Kind of Control You’re Working With

    Private Declare Function InitCommonControls Lib "comctl32.dll" () As Long
    Private Sub Form_Initialize()
    Call InitCommonControls
    End Sub

    Create A Manifest File From NotePad And Name the FileName That
    you Want It To Have a XP Look

    e.g; the FileName Is “ProjectSP.exe”

    then Make The Manifest FileName Like This

    e.g: ProjectSP.exe.manifest

    >>>>> Put These Codes In The NotePad


    THIS METHOD 100%……. Project SP A.K.A. Salman Paji

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