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H2GayMatrix closed…

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    Member is another dumb group how i got on theses morons site i have no clue now i been getting emails from theses dumb fucks for awhile now too now there crying about no one using there dumb and how its closed. and are like the group of wannabes why is everyone trying to say there h2k for fuckin remembers me of everyone thinking they were “Zerocool” and “Acidburn” the real h2k is and hmmmm who causes about Hackers2k man its passed 2000 go make h5k or something up to date.hate all theses fucks if your going to cry because theses stupied fucking paltalk losers just wanna come to your site to download stuff maybe its best you do close your site down if your going to be a pussy i could careless if anyone ever comes to my site and download any of my stuff i have my site up for myself and friends and family you i cant believe people not too long again were crying saying ohhh you cant quit paltalk just think of all the poor lama’s who need us.well yahoo wont be any better you cant make booters yahoo has patched that kinda stuff i use yahoo more then paltalk i stay in the hackers lounge:1 when im on there but yahoo programs are about as dumb as paltalk programming you all feel free to feel staying with paltalk till god puts me else where. Later and fuck you fucking sand nigger pakis

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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