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Have a Few Questions, Please Help

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    Hello, I apologize before hand if any of my questions seem redundant. I am new on the forum and would really appreciate your help.

    1. I downloaded the trivia bot sp5 for version 9.5. However, when players answer their name does not show up. What comes out is (8) answered correctly. Can someone tell me the problem please?

    2. After seeing that the trivia sp9.5 did not work I decided to purchase the tvk trivia master since the free version was not reading players as well. It would only read me and no other players. However, i have not received the upgrade via email as it said on the website.
    Does anybody know if that is a scam? And also please answer why the bot does not read any players besides myself?

    Thank you so much and please accept my apologies if the questions are a bit repetitious.

    Thank you so much.


    people have been having problems with tvk for a while now, best advice is to just stay away from it, there are others out there that you can get.


    Someone else had the same problem with another program from tvk.
    Chikes response then was “contact paypal”. That is probably your best bet to maybe get your money back at least.


    Yes, I spoke with pay pal and launched a complaint and also they suggested to report it to the ic3.
    My question now is I downloaded Trivia Bot Sp, the updated version by loco and tried about 10 minutes ago and have a problem. It’s not registering any players. When someone answers it says
    )8 or )3 has answered?
    I know someone else who has it as well and a times it does not read players.
    Please help..
    thank you!


    I’m goign to check it and see, but hey how do the others nicks look, give me an example so i can check it and are u using time stamp on the rooms, I gonna give it a quick look and see 😉


    Hi, thanks so much. I think it might have been that. Cause I just tried and it works. Thanks so much!!!


    Great 🙂 thats an issue thta happens with the greeter too sometimes :pb:

Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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