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HDMusicBot Professional v4.0

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    Love your Process of working and your Products! Nice release Bro. Dlad to see that a support button has been applied for Version 3.0. Could be usefull. I will publish the news on my forum as well.


    Version v3.7 – 2015.03.14 Fixed:

    hd_stop then hd_off (Caused the bot to play again)
    Chatroom closed, bot crashes (sometime)

    Version v3.6 – 2015.02.27 Added:

    hd_export_online_all (!export) – Export commands and languages to the cloud
    hd_export_online_cmd (!excmd) – Export commands to cloud
    hd_export_online_lang (!exlang) – Export languages to cloud
    hd_import_online [id] (!import id) – Import commands or languages from the cloud


    Minor bugs

    Version v3.5 – 2015.02.21 Added:

    Medias > Favorite – Backup to a file
    Medias > Favorite – Retore from a file


    Download issue / memory did not release cache
    Minor bugs

    Version v3.4 – 2015.02.17 Added:

    hd_download_path – Shows the download path
    hd_download_scan – Scan and add medias from the download path


    Download path did not store in the database.
    Minor bugs

    Version v3.3 – 2015.02.13 Added:

    Name AKA HDMediaPlayer to HDMusicBot
    Medias Tab -> Change Drive (if you moved your medias to different drive, no need to rescan just change drive path)
    Media: nho em – nguyen khang can be searched as: nhoemnguyenkhang


    Download online with variable $nick
    Minor bugs

    Version v3.2 – 2015.02.01 Added:

    hd_download_to_pc – Online download to PC.
    hd_pal_banner * !topic [text] change the banner in the room
    Support -> Report a bug
    Support -> Subscribe to mailing list


    Crashing errors on some computers

    Version v3.1 – 2014.11.20 Added:

    hd_pal_kick_top – Kick the top user
    hd_pal_mute_top – Mute the top user


    Minor bugs


    hd_play [song id] – This will play any song regardless in the playlist
    hd_playlist_top [index] – Move the media to the top by index. Example: If you have 5 medias in the playlist and you want to move 3 4 to the top you will type: hd_playlist_top 3,4. Remember it’s the index not the media’s id.
    hd_playlist_top_last – Move the last media in the playlist to the top.
    Minor issues


    command* – Search for any command that match the text. Eg: favorite* – this will search for all commands that match favorite keyword
    Show invalid message on add favorite by online medias
    Language text – Playing Online
    Changing font size globally:
    Command lines: hd_font_size_reset (~font), hd_font_size_small (!small), hd_font_size_medium, (!medium), hd_font_size_large (!large)
    Auto update banner with a custom message:
    Command lines: hd_pal_banner_sys_text / !btext – Show the current text, hd_pal_banner_sys_text_set / +btext – Update the banner current text to something else through command line

Viewing 4 posts - 61 through 64 (of 64 total)
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